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Echoshell combine original music and video to create innovative atmospheric landscapes. We work with musicians, film makers, poets and anybody who has something to get off their chest.

echoshell combine original music and video to create landscapes.

Musicians: Kieran Calvert, Alan Sheahan, Fergal Lawler, Billy Mullqueen.

Performers: Stephen Murray. Poet, writer and spoken word artist.

Film: Kieran Calvert.

Our Thanks: David Tavares, for allowing us to use a clip from his film "64t ektachrome test roll".

Studio River Valley, mburgh's Channel on youtube, for footage from his film "Pro8mm test".

Spider Hole

Echoshell will have two tracks in a new movie called "spiderhole". Written and directed by Daniel Simpson, Produced by Patrick O’Neill. With the amazing work of production designer Daithi Magner. Due for release later this year. The link above plays both scenes.